Welcome to Futaleufu, Chile, home to the best fly fishing in Chile and Patagonia, where together we will explore the finest trout streams and lakes of Patagonia. Brown and Rainbow trout and the occasional Salmon inhabit the crystal clear waters of the region, where fishing with both wet and dry flies will bring reel burning results.

Patagonia fly fishing: The spectacular glacier covered peaks and lush green valleys of the Futaleufu area provide a stunning backdrop for your fishing pleasure. First class lodging and meals, along with easy access to our favorite fishing waters will create an experience to remember.

  • We have a variety of rafts to choose from, all with comfortable set-ups for two fishermen per boat, plus your guide.


The Rio Puelo is a fantastic scenic float trip which transects the Andes, flowing from near El Bolson, Argentina, to the Pacific Ocean in Chile. Featuring big panoramic vistas, incredible fishing, and hikes to waterfalls and virgin forests with trees thousands of years old, this river is perfect for those who want to experience the backcountry of Chile without too many rapids.

The river is mostly swiftly moving flat water with a few mild rapids. Every corner offers a new spectacular view of snowy peaks and forested mountains. We will camp on beaches and green meadows, with plenty of time for hiking, fishing, and relaxing in camp. Cultural exchanges abound, as we stop occasionally to buy bread and veggies from the friendly locals, as well as arrange a roast lamb dinner.

One of the highlights of the trip is the portage by ox-cart and horses, where we will walk the easy four-mile trail, overlooking the deep canyon full of big rapids which has kept out all previous rafting trips.

A new road

A new road is being pushed into this roadless valley, and development is not far behind. Join us now to experience this hidden valley before it drastically changes.

Why us

This is an exclusive journey, as we have pioneered this trip, and are still the only outfitters who operate here.

Special Offer

You have the option of camping, or we can arrange to stay in lodges. Add on more days for more fishing.

A fantastic trip by raft and kayak, crossing the Andes from Argentina to the Pacific Ocean in Chile. This beautiful valley, oriented to the sunny north, with a warm, dry microclimate, is far from roads, and surrounded by marvelous mountain landscapes.

We will start our trip in Lago Puelo National Park, crossing various lakes with the pristine river flowing in between. During our journey to the Pacific, we will have the most incredible views of the Andes mountains, with numerous opportunities to hike and horse ride trails through ancient forests.

This roadless valley has not seen the depredations of civilization, maintaining the mountain culture of the original Huaso pioneers, who are very friendly and open. Thanks to the remoteness, the trout and salmon fishing is unbelievable and abundant.


Fishing Chile’s Rio Futaleufu

World famous for its big whitewater, the “Fu” also has great runs of Brown and Rainbow trout, as well as Salmon and sea run Brown. Home to the Chile record, a monster 40 pound Brown caught just outside of town, the possibility always exists of landing the fish of your life. Fishing pportunities abound, from fishing from our raft on the calm waters upstream or downstream of the whitewater, or for the extreme fly fisherman, toss your fly into the sparkling clear waters in and between the big water class IV rapids, where the bigger stronger fish collect.

Fishing Patagonia’s Rio Espolon – This small river next to town has excellent access from the bank to sneak up on the numerous medium size trout filling its pools.

Fishing the Lakes of the Region – Depending on the weather and the season, the numerous deep lakes of the region provide fantastic opportunities to bring in very large Rainbows and Browns. We can always find the water where the fish are striking. 

Rio Figueroa – This five day float combines whitewater and long calm stretches for an incredible mix of adventure and fishing. From Lago Verde near the Argentine border, to Lago Roselot, we will raft 60 kilometers of premier flyfishing water, including seldom fished wilderness canyons, where wild rapids keep out the timid. Camping on beaches, eating fine foods such as the traditional sheep roast, and relaxing under the canopy of the native forest will round out this classic rafting trip.

We have been boating and fishing this Chilean river since 1995, and our local knowledge is very helpful. Inquire about the lodge option.


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