Chile is a paradise for kayaking, with plenty of great rivers and friendly culture. It is easy to meet other kayakers and tour chile’s rivers on your own for a reasonable price, if you have the time to look around and like adventures. On the other hand, if you don’t have much time, we can help you to arrange a custom kayak trip to tour of the rivers of Chile and Patagonia, especially in the south where there are many great rivers, you just need to know where they are and their difficulty.

That is where we can help you on your Chile kayak trip. We have traveled extensively throughout the region south of the Futaleufu, exploring the rivers and mountains. We can help you find the type of water and kayaking trip you are looking for. We offer a variety of kayaks to choose from, old school round hulls to the latest playboats.

Seasons information

Our low season is from December 1 – January 1
(Possible High Water)
And from February 25 through April
(Possible Medium-Low Water)

About the service

Full service trips with all the normal services, including top-notch guides and instructors, riverside basecamp with luxury bedrooms, endless hotshowers, wholesome meals and more.

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Full service trips with all the normal services, including top-notch guides/instructors, riverside basecamp with sauna, endless hotshowers, wholesome meals and more.

These trips start in Esquel, Argentina which is just across the border from Futaleufu. This is the most economical route to get to here. We can line you out on all the traveling details you will need from your home to Esquel.

You will fly to Buenos Aires,and on to Bariloche, where you will spend the night and take in the sights and culinary delights this alpine town is famous for. The next morning take a 5 hour bus ride to Esquel. This is one of the most scenic roads in Patagonia, the landscapes alternating between Patagonian Steppes and the Andes Mountains. Keep your eyes out for Condors and Flamingos! We will meet you in Esquel and bring you to Futaleufu and our basecamp.


We offer trips designed for class III kayakers with a solid roll, as well other trips for class IV or better kayakers. If you are not sure of your abilities, ask us about our instructional programs or easier alternate river trips. We will be boating as much as we can on these trips, so pace yourself.

Back home, I was told that I would never be able to kayak the Futaleufu, but with Mike’s expert guidance and a few days warm up, I was surfing up a storm, and actually paddled most of the river. I had so much fun, it was the highlight of my years. – Stefani Black, Futaleufu

Futaleufu Kayak Trips

From the big water adrenaline rush of rapids Throne Room and Terminator, to the mellow Rio Espolon, we can offer you whatever difficulty class you desire, whether your skill level is class II and your priority is floating through fantastic scenery, or you are an adrenaline junkie and prefer the view from river level in Canyon del Infierno, looking up through blue waves to the granite walls, native forest and strip of blue blue sky.

Along with the Futaleufu, we also paddle steep creeks like the Rio Chico (III-IV,~150 cfs), Rio Noroeste (IV,~300 cfs), Rio Azul (III~500-!000 cfs), and creeks like the Rio Michimahuida (IV-V,~1200 cfs, 8 hrs, wilderness, hotsprings), as well as rivers such as the Rio Figueroa (III-IV,~5,000cfs,3-4 days), Rio Palena (II, ~2,0000cfs), and the Rio Yelcho (II,~15,000cfs) plus others.


Our kayak guides

They all have many years experience on Chile’s Rio Futaleufu, and have been instructing/guiding trips here for many seasons. Josh has more descents of the river than anyone, and has more than 20 years guiding trips. We personally know more than 90 rivers in Chile and can arrange custom chile kayak trips, south to the rivers and creeks of the Aisen Region, where we’ll find a variety of whitewater from the tilted slot canyons of the Rio Aviles to the mighty Rio Baker, or even the remote Rio Pascua.

Your safety is our priority

All our guides are trained in river rescue and are very safety minded, however it is up to you to decide on which rapids you wil run.

Chile’s Rio Futaleufu – Famous for its big water rapids, azure water, and magnificent scenery, the Rio Futaleufu lives up to its reputation as the best river in the world, especially for kayaking trips.

There are class III sections as well as the famous class V rapids; we can tailor your trip to your specific needs, be they surfing the big glassy and throwing aerials on the pillow in Throne room, or learning to deal with the swirly eddy lines, which are the key to feeling comfortable kayaking the Rio Futaleufu.

The key to feeling comfortable kayaking on the Futaleufu river is in the eddy lines. Once we get used to ferrying and peeling out, we’ll be ready to run such rapids as Mondaca, Himalayas and Zapata.


Kayaking the Rio Figueroa

This beautiful river is perfect for those class III kayakers who are feeling reluctant to paddle the Rio Futaleufu. Flowing 60 kilometers from Lago Verde to Lago Roselot, this emerald clear river has half the volume of the Fu, plenty of class II-III rapids, two class IV-, and one big walkable class V. Incredible native forest, magnificent Patagonian mountains, and seldom-seen wilderness canyons make this one of the hidden gems of Chile.

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